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Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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May 31, 2009: En route to Bedrichov field site

Home base I meet our last team member this morning. Anastasia is another Alcoan, from Samara, Russia. She works in the IT department and is also fairly young. We have traveled to where we will be staying for the next two weeks. The accommodations are very nice, a newly remodeled farm house. It is much nicer than the hostel last night. Along the way we stopped for lunch and at the ruins of a 14th century castle. Josef is very eager to share the heritage of the Czech Republic with us, which makes the trip more enjoyable. After we get settled into our new rooms, we head out to a local restaurant for dinner. We will be eating at this location every night, and we have no menu. The lady who owns the place simply brings us dinner. It will be interesting to see and taste all of the different meals that she prepares for us. Tonight, we had what we were told was a typical Sunday meal. We started with garlic soup and then had beef and dumplings. We then came home for some general discussion and enjoyment of a traditional Czech liquor, Becherovka, which we were told was once sold as medicine.

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Ryan Tonk