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Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 1, 2009: First day of field work -- stream sampling

Home inside I have found out that the village that we are staying in, Bedrichov, is a destination for cross-country skiing in the winter, and the pension that we are staying in is like a ski-chalet. This is great, because I am an avid runner, and I got out for a run this morning on the cross-country ski trails through the forest. And happily I didn’t get lost!!! The countryside is beautiful, rolling hills and full forests. Today was our first day in the field. We started with a quick breakfast, served by the owners of our pension (house), and then Josef briefed us on what we would be doing. 
June 1 liberec - russ martha rachel me On the way to the site, we stopped in the town of Liberec and Josef bought us opera tickets for Wednesday night. We are all looking forward to that. Josef seems to go out of his way to show off the culture of his country to us. When we got to the field site, it was noon, so we ate sandwiches that we brought with us from home. 
Then we began water stream sampling. This included taking samples, measuring pH and percent oxygen, and determining flow rates. We broke up into two groups, and the other half went to clean out rain gages from the winter. There is a concrete collection site that was built in a stream. It is used to measure sediment buildup from erosion. We had to measure the depth, then shovel it out to the concrete floor, and then measure the depth again. This was hard work. The collection site is slightly damaged, so Josef said that we would have to repair it later in the week. While we were doing that, other members of the team measured the vitality of trees with some sort of electrical resistance mechanism. 
June 1 bunker from 1930 Within the forest were some concrete bunkers. We were told that they were built in the 1930s as defense from the German Army. They were built in a linear style, with a sight line between each. They were never used, however. When we finished, we went straight for dinner, which tonight was chicken and rice and a nice salad of only tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers with olive oil. We had strawberry shortcake for desert also. When we got back home, Bill, who is originally from Ireland, and now lives in Australia, brought us some Australian cookies and Baileys Irish Crème. Josef told us that he would like us to present to the group something about ourselves each evening. He went first tonight and told us about the history of The Czech Republic. We spent most of the rest of the night talking to Misae about the Japanese language and she wrote all of our names out. It was a very enjoyable evening.

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