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Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 2, 2009: Forest sampling

June 8 dead area group Today I was fearing for the worst in regards to the weather. The first two days in The Czech Republic it rained, and I was told that that was typical weather. The third day, our first in the field, was sunny and nice. Josef told us today to expect to get rained on. However, as the morning was mostly cloudy, it never rained, and by the afternoon, it was sunny. We spent the day hiking to the top of a mountain (1,100 meters). We measured marked trees for circumference, temperature, and height by using an angle finder and distance from the tree. We had a device to measure the health of the tree through electrical resistance, but it was not working. We also roped off an area and measured the amount of canpoy coverage through the use of a periscope type instrument. When we were done, we witnessed a “tree-graveyard”. It was a forest of dead trees, killed by acid rain. Every year the dead area grows as the forward section to the wind is dying off and not protecting the inward trees. 
June 12 tree hght rachel george The other half of the group went off in a different direction and cut grass samples and dirt samples, which we are supposed to measure tonight. The evening meal was a broccoli soup followed by pork steak and potatoes, and of course pivo. It was Petr’s turn to give a presentation to the group, and he used his laptop computer to show us how he uses global positioning to help him with his mountain water research as part of his Doctoral Studies with Charles University.

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Ryan Tonk