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June 3, 2009: Stream sampling

June 3 josef dul dam top bill me rachel martha Well, we got lucky with no rain yesterday, but this morning, 6 degrees Celsius. I did go for another run on the cross-country ski trails, and managed to get lost this time, but just a little. The plan for today was to go to a large reservoir and take some water samples by boat. It was way too windy and cold for that. We skipped that plan and took water samples in the many streams feeding the reservoir. We also stopped at a natural spring for a sample, and I filled my drinking water bottle. Petr said it was safe, and it tasted good. The other team did a forest evaluation like I did yesterday. 
I have figured out that the work that we will be doing is basically three types. We either work on streams and reservoirs, which involves taking samples, measuring flow rates, and checking water temperature and percent oxygen levels. The second type of work is in forests, where we clean rain gages, measure circumference, height (via an angle finder) and health of trees, and measuring canopy coverage. The third type of work is collecting grass samples and studying the type of growth. It is all fun work, but I prefer the stream sampling as it involves hiking from site to site. 
June 3 fruit dumpling 2 We came home for a quick shower and then to dinner. Tonight was a surprise, Goulash soup followed by fruit dumplings, and they were HUGE, and then cheese and pickled sausage to finish. We all left with over-stuffed stomachs. 
There is no nightly conversation topic tonight, instead we went to the city of Liberic for the opera performance of “The Elixir of Love”. The building and the performance were both very wonderful. It is a strange switch to go from field work to an opera house, but at the same time, it also felt very natural. Petr left us before the Opera to head back to Prague. He thinks that he will come back to work with us on Monday.

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