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Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 4, 2009: Data analyzing

June 5 grass sorting 2 bill me anastasia Josef decided to keep us home today and not go into the field as the weather report called for bad weather. We sorted the grass samples that the other team collected on Tuesday. We sorted them by grass type, moss, or dead material. Josef is going to dry them and then we will perform a volume test on them. The work was rather tedious and lasted most of the day. Prior to dinner, Bill, Cathy and I took a walk around the town here of Bedrichov. We looked for a couple of shops, but couldn’t find anything interesting. We walked up the hill to the local church and graveyard. Josef told us earlier that the church is now closed to due a lack of parishioners. I was disappointed to hear that as I was hoping to attend Sunday morning Mass. Dinner tonight was a standard meal of lentil bean soup and baked chicken and mashed potatoes. It almost felt like America. They gave us donuts for desert, but we brought them back home to eat over our nightly discussion. Bill gave the nightly discussion and he talked about his home land of Australia. After that he organized a game where everyone told two truths about themselves and then one lie. Whoever guessed the most correct lies was declared the winner. Dobra even joined in on the game. We learned a lot about each other.

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Ryan Tonk