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June 13, 2009: Back to Indiana

June 3 mountain stream The long travel back to Indiana has allowed me time to reflect on my experiences of the last two weeks. The fact that the damage of acid rain was not detected until vast areas of natural forest had died off was very overwhelming. Although the dead areas have been mostly re-grown, and the current death rate of trees is very low, witnessing “tree-graveyards” was numbing at times. These troublesome thoughts are relieved by the actions that I have shared with my group and knowing that there are many people out in the world who consider themselves stewards of the earth. Josef has promised to send us a results report in the fall of the data that we have gathered. I am very much looking forward to reading this as it will help to give me a sense of satisfaction to the work that we did. The Earthwatch Program has been very beneficial to me by allowing me to experience a hands-on environmental impact study. This new experience has shown me how environmental studies can have a true impact for change, and I hope to use this new enthusiasm that I have gained towards local projects in my community.
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Hi Ryan, this is a great recount of the expedition. I will be printing this off as a extra perspective of what we all saw and achieved. Hope all went well on the trip home. Kind regards Will

Will Roche | Posted Wed 24 Jun 2009 9:23AM

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