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Belarus Wetlands

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August 8, 2009: Lake!

Nick and lucia at lake Anticipation is high today as we head for the end of the profile. Oleg promises that there is a beautiful lake. However, we will have to cross some very wet areas. He has placed branches across the wettest ones, but we have to be careful and sometimes deviate from the profile in order to move forward. We complete one plot before lunch, before trekking across the wetlands. We leave the wooded areas to open plains with few trees. The ground is wet and marshy and the going is slow as we spot carefully the best place to step. We reach the final plot and dump out backpacks and equipment to explore the lake while Sasha and Dima create the last 20 square meter plot. Natasha warns us to be careful and not go too close to the edge. It is beautiful and very peaceful here. We take many photos and are tempted to swim. However, we are warned against this by Oleg who says there are many reeds below the surface that would easily entangle our legs and make it difficult to get out. The last four days on the bog have been tiring and repetitive, but the trip to the lake has been well worth the toil. We look forward to our day off tomorrow and our excursion to Polatsk.

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