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July 18th, 2009: Layover

The announcement comes over the speakers – “passengers transferring to Frankfurt HAVE missed their connection. Please see ground staff on arrival”. Luckily I have landed in Singapore and there are plenty more flights to Frankfurt after midnight. Lufthansa airlines puts me on a flight just 30 minutes after my previous one. I hope my bags follow suit. The transition in Singapore is seamless. I get to Frankfurt at 7am. My flight to Estonia leaves after 2pm. I have 6 hrs to amuse myself. Airport staff advise me to leave the airport and catch the S-Bahn to town. It is after all, only 15 minutes away. I find my way to the train station, buy a ticket with leftover euros from my European adventures last year and look around for a train map. I see a couple of westerners peering over a map and hear Aussie accents. I greet the guys and discover that they are waiting for a 3pm flight to Madrid. We head into the city together and grab breakfast while we wait for the shops to open. They are two guys from Melbourne: Boris (Croatia), lawyer, and Igor (Russia). LOL! I haven’t even reached my destination and I’ve already picked up a Russian. We are lucky to arrive on the weekend of the Italian Festival AND their “Christopher Street Day” Celebrations (gay pride parade.)
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