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August 3, 2009: Beet soup and Wellingtons!

Beet soup The team arranges to meet for breakfast: Mastura (Uzbekistan and perpetual translator), Peter (Canadian living in Amsterdam, Netherlands). Lucia (Slovakian working in Prague, Czech Republic) and Nick (Devon, UK). We go for breakfast at a local “KAФE” They have cold beet soup, a variety of salads and also hot food which consists of fried fish or pork, many topped with cheese. There is also a traditional local drink called kompote made from dried fruit (raisins, prunes, apricots, etc.) boiled in water with sugar and left to cool and infuse. Sightseeing next! We check out the National Library, three churches and the old town. The exploring ends with a stop at the local shopping centre. Lucia and I purchase rubber boots. There are not too many to choose from but at least they have my size. We don’t think they are high enough, definitely not the knee high version recommended in the briefing, but we are hoping they will suffice. We return to the hotel where I meet Alina (a fellow Alcoan from Samara). I have 20 minutes to freshen up before the first team meeting. The team gather in the foyer of the Academicheskaja hotel. For the first time, we are all together.

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