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Mammals of Nova Scotia

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July 3, 2009: the Jolly-Seber Model

Paul_n_Yolanda Here we are at the end of our first week of field research and it is time to check our results after all our trapping and recapture of all those voles and couple of chipmunks. We will be using a formula called the Jolly-Seber Model, to come up with our figures. According to our data, voles are 5.3/hectare. Also the amount of deer is reaching a number of 19.18/hectare in the Cooks Lake farm area. We are now having a lecture on mammals as well as ecology of the region with Dr Chris Newman. He has great knowledge in this field so he can deliver these talks with great ease. His partner Dr. Christina Buesching has knowledge with the field work and therefore they complement each other and the team can and will be able to come away with the knowledge that the work we are doing will help with the research on climate chnage in this region of Nova Scotia.
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