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July 5, 2009: Weekend excursions

House We spent the weekend visiting a little fishing town called Lunenberg, where some of the group went whale watching. I didn't make that trip but still went around this heritage listed town and also went through the fishery museum. This whaling village's history dates back to as early as 1740, when the first house was built. By comparison, life in Australia is still very young in history.

Then today we went to a national wildlife park called Kejimkujik, where we hoped to find deer, beaver, otter and other mammals, maybe even a bear? But all day long, not one critter from the list above, so not much joy there to get a photo to add to our blogs. Still, it was a very interesting Roots park. Some of us did get a glimpse of a red squirrel running along a log. Very hard to get a photo, but I did get it in the end, before more sightseeing and a tour of the local Indian tribe of this area. Whilst we were there our leader, Chris, asked us to do a survey on the deer population in the park with the technique we've learned -- marking out  some areas and counting the amount of deer droppings in each area. We came up with a one deer per hectare.

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Paul Smelter, maintenance technician Pt Henry smelter, Victoria, Australia