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July 7, 2009: A fine day in the field

Woods Things are going well. We are back in the field to check our traps and (yippee!) we have found a chipmunk in the second set of traps in the forest. Then back to our meeting point where we then set out to do a survey in a different area, collecting samples on what type of mammals are in the forest. We come up with a deer per hectare, and some hares as well. Then some lunch before heading back to the roadside to collect some material for building a boardwalk to keep people from sinking knee-deep in the muddy tracks.
Then back to check our traps in the afternoon. This time we find some shrews and another chipmunk, but to the surprise of our two research leaders, no mice yet. This might be due to the weather having been a little more damp than other years. We have been told that last year they were in a drought. Hopefully we will have some more insight by the end of our research. Now after our evening meal there will be a meeting about ecology, and maybe a bat walk and study, weather permitting. The weather is quite fine, so off we go to the local church which is about half a kilometer away so we can hear them.

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Hi Paul,great to see fellow alcoans tackling climate change issues. Do feral animals threaten the survival of mammals in Nova Scotia as they have in Australia,with many species now extinct?

Jason Davie | Posted Fri 10 Jul 2009 9:45AM

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