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June 22, 2009: First post

Hi one & all, my name is Paul Smelter, from Alcoa's Point Henry smelter here in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. I would first of all like to take the opportunity to thank Earthwatch and Alcoa for giving me and other Alcoans a chance to go on this expedition, assist the research, and have a chance to help improve our ways of doing things. Today is the first day of my blog for this expedition, and so far it has been a very busy day, with packing up items at home to take with me: clothing, footwear, first aid kit, etc. All flight arrangements have been finalized as well as accommodation and I'm just waiting to go and meet up with the rest of the team members in Halifax on June 28 at the airport. I have been in contact with other members via email for the past three to four weeks or so, and they all sound like we will get on well and should learn a great deal from this trek together.
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Paul Smelter, maintenance technician Pt Henry smelter, Victoria, Australia