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June 23, 2009: On the importance of rain

I'm now on leave and running out of time to put things in place before flying out on Saturday. Travel time from here to Halifax is about 21-22 hours of flying time plus four more hours in between flights, the total being a lot. While packing, I'm finding a lot of things that can be recycled, so the recycle bin is filling up very quickly. My trailer is also filling up with recyclables just as quick, so it looks like a lot of trips to the local recycle centre. 
The weather here in Australia is starting to cool down quickly, though still with very little rainfall for this time of year. That's not good, as the population is growing in our region and water is becoming a very important issue. We are still in drought down here, and what we need is a lot more rain and less sunshine so that our water supplies, which are very low, can be filled before we head into another long hot summer. Here's hoping that whilst I'm on this trek we receive lots of rain to assist with this vital issue.  Nova Scotia, where we are going, it will be early in the northern summer, and from what I've heard the water supplies are just right. Lucky people! It's been a long time (1995) since water levels have been right here in Australia.

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Thanks for emphasizing the importance of two things in our environment: recycling, we all must do this on a daily basis, and water, precious resource that it is.
All the best to you on your adventures in Nova Scotia. We look forward to your future blogs.

Bill Arthur

Bill Arthur | Posted Fri 26 Jun 2009 1:05PM

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