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June 24, 2009: What the heck is a vole? and other questions

Wow, questions already! I'm still at home packing and trying to get ready to leave this Saturday. Well, the first question is relating to one of the creatures we will encounter whilst on the expedition. Shane Carter asks: "What's a vole?" The answer to this question is that voles are a type of field mouse and are commonly viewed as pests. According to the web page I investigated, there are at least 70 types all over the world, so when I reach Canada I will try to get a photo of one and place it into the blog.
Question two is relating to water and what Alcoa is doing to help conserve it as we are still in drought mode here in Victoria, Australia. As far as I know we are looking at ways to recycle our water supply, therefore reducing the need to have water pumped to our site from the local dams and leaving more water available for the local community and homes where it needed. 

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Paul Smelter, maintenance technician Pt Henry smelter, Victoria, Australia