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Mammals of Nova Scotia

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July 12-13, 2009: On my way home

We packed up early on Saturday morning ready to go to the airport so some of the members can catch their flights out of Halifax after this trek. Some people started to pack on Friday night after having a get together with a few drinks as well. We sat down to chat about our experiences whilst on this trek over the past two weeks and we all hope that what we have learnt on this trek we can pass on to others in our own community and work groups. We will try to pass it on to the younger members so they can hopefully pass it also to their parents, and they in turn can help. In time, maybe we will see some of the changes we are trying to make come to pass, and development will have less impact on wild regions and wildlife like the mammals of Nova Scotia. So as everyone leaves on their flights over the next three days we promise to  try to keep in touch with each other over the weeks and years.

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Paul Smelter, maintenance technician Pt Henry smelter, Victoria, Australia