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Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 5, 2009: Back to the beginning

Roche_station We return to the area we visited on the first day of the expedition and climb further up the mountain. It’s a dry sunny day but I do feel the cold. On the high slopes we inspect the next sample site. We retrieve rainwater samples from the gauging station situated there. It is a process of checking water sample levels, cleaning and filling sample bottles, replacing or repairing damaged gauges and carefully recording the data. Another team sets up a plot boundary to evaluate the density of the forest canopy. At lunch time we break and have a nourishing sandwich filled with meats and cheeses, finished off with a chocolate bar. It is very peaceful to sit back and listen to the birds chirping overhead and the light breeze rustling the trees. 
We descend the mountain and travel to visit a forester who helps to manage this area. He discusses what it is like to work in the forest and the general strategies of replanting and logging. During the questions and answers he enquires about the forests strategies of Australia. I briefly mention the historical effects of forest clearing in Western Australia for agricultural purposes. This has allowed mineral salts to rise to the ground surface causing salinity. I also use the opportunity to discuss how Alcoa in Western Australia each year gives each employee two native Australians seedlings to plant in their own garden or local area.  
We finally bid farewell and move further into the forest, where we drop one team to conduct further forest sampling while we return to the stream gauging station. We complete the repairs to the structure, work that is very satisfying. The evening meal! Our Czech restaurant hosts proudly present us with a traditional “Fat” meal. It is very filling and belt buckles are dutifully released again by another notch! After the evening debrief we have a mini celebration as it is Dobro’s name day. 


Wow Will it sounds amazing. Lots of sampling the Czech meals and delicacies by the sounds of it. Fantastic!!

Claire Somerville-Brown | Posted Mon 22 Jun 2009 11:34PM

Hi Claire, yes our hosts liked to ensure we were well fed, thankfully I had lots of hiking exercise!

Will Roche | Posted Wed 24 Jun 2009 9:22AM

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