William Roche’s Diary
Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 8, 2009: Fragile art, fragile nature

We pick up one of our team leaders, Petr, who has returned from Prague. On the way to the mountain we have an opportunity to visit a local Bohemian Glass Factory outlet. After careful consideration I purchase a vase. It is quite fragile and some express concerns that I will ever get it back to Australia in one piece. As we drive towards Jizerske Hory Mountain, I too begin to have some doubts! 
Skeletal remains Norway spruce trees 8-1 We arrive, quickly unpack the research equipment and form into teams. It is a clear dry day, there are no clouds in the sky and the views are spectacular. We are conducting a survey of forest characteristics: species, height, circumference and so on. Again, as we head up the mountain, we pass the skeletal remains of Norway spruce trees, a sad reminder of the significant pollution which enveloped this area in the late 1980s. However, due to political, technological and economic improvements the forests and headwaters have greatly recovered since the 1990s. This area is in process of rejuvenation. 

By afternoon the rains begin in earnest. We have completed the survey down the mountainside and reach the forest road. Our good friend Dobro who is driving the van arrives and picks us up. We enjoy a meat goulash dish at the restaurant. After the evening debrief, Ryan presents on dune erosion around the shores of Lake Michigan near his home in the USA.

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