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Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 10, 2009: How to survey a tree

It is a promising dry, cold and sunny day. We re-form into different teams. Some are checking rain gauges and stream discharges near Josefuv Dul dam. On the upper slopes, Petr, Martha, Rachael, Russ Anastasia and I begin work. We break up into pairs and begin work on the tasks: 
  • Carefully measure out and create a new 30 sq m square plot.
  • Quickly number the trees with chalk.
  • Paint the numbers onto the trees and indicate the circumference point.
  • Take tree circumference.
  • Take soil readings using a probe (Moisterure and pH).
  • Take a range of measurements to estimate the tree height.
  • Take canopy readings, and so on. 
Will forest survey 10 June We are now very proficient at this work and finish ahead of schedule. This allows us a short pleasant walk to the next rendezvous point. 

Later we visit the ruins of a glass making factory. There is a small interpretive centre describing the factory and indeed the flourishing community that once existed there. I am very interested to hear that the world famous glassware family, Riedel, built and successfully operated this factory. Unfortunately the factory burned down and the business was relocated many years ago. 

Later, our meal at the restaurant is fish and potatoes followed by sweet dumplings. It is a short walk back to the accommodation across the luscious grassy hill slopes. Most of us take this opportunity to have a stroll and enjoy the scenery. Bedrichov village is a ski resort in winter. I wander past the silent ski lifts, and wonder what the village must be like in winter. I pause to look back across the valley and reflect. We are on the last remaining days of our expedition. We need to complete all data entries by tomorrow evening before we pack up and return to Prague. It has been an extraordinary journey, where I have met incredible people and learnt many things.

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