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Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 11, 2009: Christmas every day

This is our last day at the pension. As usual, a delightful breakfast of various cold meats, eggs, cheeses, and wholemeal bread is presented. Again our hosts continually check and replenish the plates during the meal. As others head for the van, I decide to grab one last coffee. They insist on making me more fresh coffee before I leave. I decide to relax and enjoy their hospitality. I am on time so I doubt the team will be held up. The coffee is excellent. 
Hand made xmas decorations 11 june All is well as we head off to visit a couple of glass factories. One of these makes glass Christmas tree decorations and are we guided through the entire process. I am amazed to see that these decorations are actually handmade all year round! It is truly a place where it is Christmas every day! I have the opportunity to heat a glass rod, and to blow it into something resembling a glass ball decoration. I am quite proud of my efforts. However there are no offers of gainful employment as I leave. The retail outlet has many delicate and interesting decorations. I purchase only a few items as they are quite fragile as I am not confident I can get them back to Australia safely. 

Majestic staircase national museum 30 may Eventually we return back to the pension. I finalize all data entries and begin transferring files to Josef’s computer. Josef then begins the final debrief. He uses a Q&A process to test our understanding of the past two weeks. There is much to talk about. I think about what a fantastic trip it has been. We pack up, and bid a fond farewell to our hosts at the Statek U Rajtru accommodation. Then it is the last meal at the local Hospoda and we depart for the Charles University’s student hostel (Kolej Komenskeho) near Prague Castle. There are only a couple of more days and We have a farewell party planned for tomorrow night.

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