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January 2009: Applying, or actually RE applying

I read the online Western Australian Update January 6, 2009. I see the invitation for all to apply for an Alcoa Earthwatch Fellowship. I have often thought about being on a Fellowship. I applied once before in 2005 and was unsuccessful. Before I set out my application, I seek to understand what the program is all about. I read the information about the Earthwatch program on the Alcoa Intranet. I read the Earthwatch Diaries of previous Earthwatch Fellows. I talk to people who have been awarded a fellowship previously and how this positive experience has since shaped their lives (Hi Andrew Douglas – Earthwatch Fellows class of 2008). 
I prepare my application. I think of the contributions I have made previously (In the mid 1990’s being invited to be part of an Alcoa team respecting diversity, Make an Impact, Tree planting, many Action and Bravo events, etc) and set these out. I read my draft application and see how much I have done. I am also struck by the fact that it was Alcoa that provided me this solid supportive framework to go ahead and make these enjoyable and positive community-based contributions. In my application I include my environmental concerns about living here in Western Australia, such as water availability, quality and sustainable development. I finally upload my application form onto the Alcoa Earthwatch Sharepoint site. Here goes...

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