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Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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March 19: I Get an Answer

I receive an email from Rob Bear, Director, Environmental Affairs, and Ed Barker, Alcoa Director of Corporate Partnerships, Earthwatch. I read it once, carefully. 
“Dear William, Congratulations! You have been selected to be a 2009 Alcoa Earthwatch Fellow. You are headed out on Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic to work with field scientists. Your expedition is scheduled for 5/30/2009 to 6/13/2009…….” 

I read it twice, very carefully. There is no mistake! I have actually been awarded a fellowship! 

I think of how I can contact my wife, Lisa. It is early morning and she is preparing to leave for work. I can’t tell anyone until I have told her. If I can’t get to tell her then I have to wait all day until I meet her after work. If I ring her I may delay her. If I SMS text, what do I write? “RING ME URGENTLY!” This could be upsetting if she did not receive the text until late afternoon. Finally I SMS text “Funny one at work, pls give me a call” and hope she rings me before she gets to work. 15 minutes later she calls. I tell all. It is another great moment in my life sharing this great honor with Lisa. 

I try to meet and tell as many colleagues as possible before sending an email around lunchtime. Later that afternoon I am amazed at how fast the communication has moved through the organization. People stop and speak to me “Congratulations???” I think, how did they hear? Emails from people I haven’t met in a while. “Well deserved” and “why in the world are you getting this (Joke I hope!)” It is quite a good feeling. I return home that evening and Lisa has bought us a bottle of champagne for us to celebrate. A happy day ends so perfectly well.

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