William Roche’s Diary
Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 12, 2009: Last night in Praha

Will and josef on stroll river2 We have breakfast at the Charles University’s student hostel and all head off to explore. In the early evening we all meet again at King Charles statue. Josef has purchased tram tickets for us all so we travel to a restaurant for the farewell party. The atmosphere is both excited and a little sad as it is near the end of the adventure. Josef thanks us for our efforts on the expedition. Our good team work and attention to detail has greatly helped his research. We have achieved a lot in such short time. 
Dancing house Mountains are fragile ecosystems, sensitive to changes in the environment. While they exist remotely from sources of pollution, atmospheric pollution such as acid rain or sulphate can have a significant impact on headwaters, trees and soils. Our work contributes to research that will help shape future policy. All too soon it is time to leave. We stroll alongside the Vltava River. Prague at night is both vibrant and mysterious. Josef points out the local sights such as the funky looking “Dancing house” and the prestigious National Theatre. Finally it is time to part, we all bid fond farewell.

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