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May 25, 2009: Have a Safe Trip

As part of my travel preparation, I visit the Travel Doctor in Fremantle. Here the Doctor discusses the possible medical issues I may encounter while traveling. He explains the background to the swine flu epidemic. I receive a comprehensive medical kit to take with me while traveling. 
As part of the final preparation, a global conference call is scheduled with the other Earthwatch Fellows. Rob Bear (Director, Environmental Affairs) holds an informal discussion on the upcoming expeditions. He speaks without hesitation about the Alcoa Values that embrace safe work practice. He said that If you see something that is not quite right, then raise it and discuss it with the people involved. Help others understand why the activity must stop and must be done another way. He spoke with conviction and belief that as Alcoa Earthwatch Fellows we will continue to promote these Alcoa Values. My main work in Alcoa is safety related, and I really enjoyed this talk.

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