William Roche’s Diary
Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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May 31, 2009: In the Field at Last

I had a restless night due to my head cold, now becoming an irritating chesty cough. We have breakfast at the university hostel. The team all head out to explore the nearby Praha Castle. I chose to take it easy and prepare for the expedition. After a while I decide to seek a pharmacy or drug store just to try to get some more head cold medications. It is a fruitless endeavour. I encounter stores that contains little more than packets of tissues and cough sweets. I purchase these as a last resort. Back at the hostel I now delve into the Travel Doctor Medical kit, read the enclosed information and begin a course of tablets. 
 At 11:50 we all assemble in the lobby. We meet our Czech teammates: Dobre who will be our logistical and technical support, and team leader Petr who is completing his PhD. Anastasia (Alcoa Earthwatch Russia) has also arrived. The crew is now fully assembled. We pile into a minivan and head off to the mountains. We stop at a delightful little restaurant on the way. We enjoy hot soup and tasty meat dishes complete with dumplings. We have a quick stop to investigate the ruins of a medieval castle, then on to the mountain village of Bedrichov and Satek "U Rajtru," our home for the next two weeks. It is a beautiful building and cozy accommodation. Another typical Czech meal at a delightful local restaurant that night, complete with Pivo. Later Josef briefs us on the work that is planned for the next day. It's been a long day, and by ten o'clock everyone has retired for the night.

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