William Roche’s Diary
Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 2, 2009: Data from a chilly mountainside

Breakfast - great food and coffee. Our hosts check on us to ensure the plates are replenished and that we want for nothing. We pile into the van and head to another area. The scenery is spectacular. We park in a small mountain village and once again break up into teams. Russ, Anastasia, Miesa and I are led by Josef and we begin climbing the mountain. The weather is dry but cold. I have two heavy tee shirts, woolly scarf, a pullover and occasionally two jackets. I am grateful for each one! The ground is uneven and long grass covers holes and depressions. Josef cautions us to take our time and to watch our step. We reach the first sample point and begin work.
Once again we work slowly and build up an increasing rhythm over the coming hours. Lunch is a filling sandwich and chocolate bar. Eventually we reach a spot where we move across the mountain. We can now see the Polish border in the distance. We continue to sample at predefined spots and the work is conducted smoothly: find and identify the sample point, place the gauge on the ground, take flora samples - bag them, take a soil sample - bag it, take moisture and pH readings, check that the data is recorded correctly, and move to the next point.
At evening’s end we come off the mountain at the opposite side of the village. We go to the restaurant for soup and a pork dish. Petr gives a presentation on environmental modeling.

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