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Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 13, 2009: Signoff -- make an impact!

Karlštejn This is my final diary entry.* I meet Josef and Cathy in the morning and we visit a couple of Praha landmarks, Castle Karlštejn and the Gothic Jindrisska Tower. Eventually, It's time for a coffee, a final talk and our final goodbyes. 
As I leave Cathy and Josef, I ponder the last two weeks. I think about Josef's discussions and debriefs with the team on Czech environmental issues. I realise that issues I would have once considered as local or national issues are in fact problems that have the potential to eventually adversely affect Europe, and impact globally. I realise that one individual can in fact make a big difference. While Mother Nature is resilient she desperately needs our help. Problems often remain undetected as people fail to see or understand the symptoms of the disease. 

I am grateful that the Alcoa Earthwatch fellowship program has helped me understand that scientific research will identify and quantify issues, and enable decision makers to formulate policy based on knowledge. I also consider how I will continue to make a difference supporting the Alcoa environmental initiatives such as “Make an Impact” when I return home to Australia.

*(Quick hi and thanks to Daniel Frank and Charles Soord for their helpful advice at the start of this expedition.)

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Good to see Alcoa and yourself participating in such a great initiative. I would be very interested in learning more about what you observed and the conclusions you arrived at when you get it all together. Keep up the great work,

Peter Hughes | Posted Thu 02 Jul 2009 7:24AM

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