Gustavo Maranes’ Diary
Tidal Forests of Kenya

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July 28, 2009: Getting to meet the locals

Lab We went back to Kinondo to continue with our plant and animal research. Again the coconut time was the best moment. After lunch I went to the laboratory where we had to input the data collected during the morning. The laboratory is one of the main buildings in the village. It is in the main street and I liked sitting in the porch from where I could watch daily life in the village. Afterwards I took my camera and walked around the village saying hello to people and taking pictures of the smiley children. Although the people live in very basic conditions they seem happy and are very hospitable. I was invited to visit some of the houses and managed to talk to some interesting people. I recognized the students' representative of Gazi Primary School, Abdallah, and spent some time talking to him. He had many questions about our lives back home, our families and friends, our jobs and of course about football. I also had some messages to pass regarding the importance of studying in order to get a good job some day and be able to travel around the world. I ended up seeing him every day and I Kids and steps found him sometimes in the afternoons in front of our house waiting for our daily chat. In the evening the team had a presentation about women in Kenya and the mangrove boardwalk project where many local women are involved. After dinner we went for our first Kenyan beers in Michael’s family bar in Msambweni. The bar had been burned by another tribe in 2007 during the post-electoral riots and was now refurbished.

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