Gustavo Maranes’ Diary
Tidal Forests of Kenya

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July 29, 2009: Walk on Gazi Beach

Camels The morning was as usual; working hard and coconut break. In the afternoon I went for a walk on the beach. It was beautiful to see the storks catching crabs and the eagles looking for small fish. Fishermen were coming back from a tiring day out fishing. They were catching many small fish. These are attracted by the mangroves to this area. At the same time, some big fish are attracted by all these smaller fish, and squids. Some fish is consumed by the locals but the best catches are usually sold to intermidiaries that then sell them to hotels and restaurants; big crabs, squids and lobsters. Fishermen saw me around and everyone would know I am one of the volunteers working with Earthwatch and living in the village. They would respect us and we would feel always safe and somehow part of the Gazi community. That afternoon I had my first swim in the Indian Ocean. Volunteers would be the only “mad people” swimming in that area. I also went for a look at a small resort hidden in the palm trees Netpay not far from there. It was a well kept secret and no one around would know much about what was in there. It was a luxury retreat. Locals were upset since the resort had not employed anyone from the village. In the evening we had a presentation on payment for ecosystem services and it was explained to us how the next morning we would be mapping Gazi mangrove carbon.

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