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Tidal Forests of Kenya

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July 31, 2009: Day off

Fall_tim_and_gus Finally we got some holidays! Nevertheless, we decided to wake up earlier than usual to visit the Simba Hills National Reserve. It is a beautiful park not far from the coast. We could see zebra, warthogs, antelopes, elephants, giraffes, etc. The park is famous for its sable antelopes that are very difficult to spot in other parts of Africa. The game safari was fun although you can see much more in the famous national parks in the centre of Kenya. In the park we also visited a beautiful waterfall, accompanied by a ranger since anything can happen when you are surrounded by these wild animals. We spent the afternoon in Diani Beach swimming, sunbathing, walking along the beach and simply enjoying life. It is a wonderful beach and I spent most of the time in the water. It was our first contact with tourists. I actually felt proud of being part of the few foreigners that get to live in a village and get in contact with a local community, something that all these tourists will probably never experience. We invited our Kenyan colleagues to have the first pizza of their lives. For them the whole day was an interesting adventure since many had not seen elephants and other wild animals before. I was glad to see them so happy that day. Back in Gazi some of us decided to go to the movies. That was Beach another funny experience. People enjoyed having us in the hut watching the TV screen with them. Many were watching us more than the screen, but it is normal since they play the same movies all the time and some would know the film by heart. The whole cinema decided to change the movie for us since the one they were watching was in Swahili. We ended up with a Nigerian soap opera they loved and we found very funny. It was a great day!

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