Gustavo Maranes’ Diary
Tidal Forests of Kenya

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August 1, 2009: Back to work

Field The month of August started with a sunny day working on plant biomass in Kinondo. Part of the group started counting weird animals in the plot such as spiders. The day continued with some laboratory work and a deserved nap. In the evening we had Dr. Kairo’s presentation on his work in Kenya Marine and his mangrove project. It was interesting to find out more about his work and his important role in the village. His projects have attracted researchers from many different places and he hires many young people in the village contributing to improving life in Gazi. In the evening we had our night out. Our Kenyan colleagues were very excited about it since there was a concert by a famous Tanzanian singer in Ukunda. We only had some beers on the club terrace and went later to another bar with some traditional music. We ended up going to bed exhausted.

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