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Tidal Forests of Kenya

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May 6, 2009: Getting stuff together

It’s been somewhat more than a month and I’ve been spending most of my free time gathering information on Kenya and the expedition. I was glad to find out that Kenya and specifically Gazi Bay basically has the same climate as Suriname, so no big adjustments to be made. The 2008 briefing and the diaries from the previous years are a great source of information and have helped a lot with making preparations. A good read was "Net Pay: Economic Analysis of Mangrove Reforestation," which gives a definition of what mangroves are, their economic, environmental and ecological importance, threats to the mangrove population, and how working towards the solution of reforestation could have a long lasting benefit. This is the fifth year for this project, so according to the briefing this year we will be monitoring the tree growth of the previously planted plots and how they survive the elements, as well as the animal life surrounding these plots. We will also be planting new trees and working on carbon sequestration analysis. This is very interesting to me, since in Suriname, as with the other two Guyanas, we also have a reasonable mangrove forest along our coast and cope with the same issues, but without a adequate data on how maintaining these forests can benefit the country. Gustavo Maranes took the initiative of arranging a conference call with the other team members (Bronwyn Larner and Raymond Glover). This was a very good idea. We got to share bits of information about ourselves and information we had gathered from others as to preparations we had to make and what we might expect on the expedition. Habari Tsuri!!! I went in for my physical and am glad to know I am fit enough to participate. So now it’s on to get my first set of vaccinations.

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