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Tidal Forests of Kenya

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July 11, 2009: Final preparations

A week more to go and then I’m off on my adventure. A lot of firsts for me so it will be challenging, but I look forward to it. I will be traveling to Holland for the first time to get my visa for Kenya. From Holland I leave for Kenya on the 23rd of July. I have all my vaccinations (including my yellow fever card), my ticket is in place, and all the other travel arrangements have been made. I’m making sure I get everything right and in place according to the packing list and am taking into consideration any surprises that may happen. I'm not forgetting my first aid kit, which I really do not hope to have to use. I’ve been checking up on the weather and any other updates on Kenya online and all seems OK. The temperature should be in the 28 C range, and the weather fair, and I hope it all stays that way. So I guess I’m set. It still feels like a dream. I've had to answer a lot of questions from colleagues in my department about the expedition, Earthwatch and why Alcoa is doing this. After all, it seems unconnected to the core business at our plant. I held a presentation within my department and explained about the work that Earthwatch does with the various expeditions and research subjects and objectives and the unique opportunity that Alcoa offers employees in being able to participate hands-on. Everyone generally agreed on how important it is that we support all efforts to repair and prolong the life of the ecosystems around us, and that we not make the mistake of thinking that the issues will resolve themselves. I went on to explain about the accommodations and the research we will be doing in this the fifth year of this expedition. A short piece of my participation in this project will be placed in the July edition of Bauxco Nieuws, our plant’s monthly newsletter.

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