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Tidal Forests of Kenya

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July 19, 2009: Welcome to Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

I arrive at 6:30 in the morning and after having been through customs, immigration and bagage check, I walk towards the exit. I have managed to arrange with friends (Sean and Loreen) to accomodate me in Holland for a few days while I get my visa and stuff. Sean is actually from Nigeria and has been to Kenya often, so I get a chance to get more info on the land and the people. Later in the afternoon we go city touring and go to the Kwakoe festival. It's a multicultural festival held every year in Amsterdam South. Its origin is actually through Surinamese who wanted a chance to meet each other and keep in contact. Soccer matches are organised and, as with every Surinamese event, there's lots of food.The event has become a well known event and a lot of people from other countries join in now. Some Surinamese believe it has lost some of its splendor that way. I can't really judge because it's only been my first time. But I like what I sees and actually meet a few friends of mine.

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