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July 23, 2009: Mombasa, here I come

I booked in at the airport and checked my baggage to Nairobi, not wanting to take the chance of checking it all the way to Mombasa and having me arrive without it. It all worked out great: when I got to Nairobi my luggage was there waiting for me. It was fun at the immigration check. The guy who was supposed to check suddenly remembered that he had to go on a break, and his partner next to him just smiled at me and told me to "hold the line, he will return." Luckily the guy was replaced quickly and I got helped. They had never heard of Suriname, so I got the chance to give a short geography lesson. I met with Jimmy Mudibo, whose wife is of Surinamese descent. I was introduced to her two days before my departure but we couldn't make an appointment, so she gave me her husband's number and we got in contact. We had a very good talk about various subjects and again I gave a little lesson on Suriname, since he himself has never been, and he in turn explained a lot about kenya in general. We exchanged email adresses and said goodbye.So one more friend has been added to my email list. On to Mombasa, leaving at about 10 o'clock in the morning and arriving about an hour later. I took a cab to my hotel and checked in. 

So this is my first day in Mombasa. The city looks kind of like Suriname in certain ways and the climate is about the same. I took the cab driver's business card and decided to keep in touch with him for a possible city tour. After a shower and a nap I decided to see what there was to replenish the inner man. I found a nice seafood restaurant and decided on seafood. Service and the food were great and I had very informative conversations with the staff. After dinner I went to the hotel and sat by the pool a bit, to allow the replenishing process to settle before heading to bed. So good night and sweet dreams from Royal Court Hotel in Mombasa Kenya. Tomorrow a new day and meeting the rest of the team.

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