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Tidal Forests of Kenya

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August 4, 2009: Saying goodbye

Group foto This morning as we packed our bags, you could feel that this was it. It was time to leave. The plan was to leave a bit early so that we could visit the Colubus Trust in Diani and maybe have a last drink or swim at Diani Beach. But due to having a flat before we left and then a bit of rain we decided it best to head straight for Mombasa; especially since we were not certain of the situation at the ferry and how busy traffic would be. We said our goodbyes to Dr.Kairo’s wife and Mama Niko and her staff and thanked them for having us and for the good time we had. We had a light lunch in Mombasa at the Blueroom, where we chatted up a bit about the past ten days and stuff we were going to do when we get back. Back in Nairobi I said goodbye to Gustavo and Ray who would be staying a few more days in Kenya. They would each be going on a separate safari (one thing I was very sorry not to have experienced). I had a five-hour wait till my flight to Amsterdam so I spent most of the Fun with kids time bored and walking in and out of the taxfree shops. All in all it was a very wonderful experience for me. I did stuff I normally don’t do, I learned a lot about the importance of having a properly functioning ecosystem, especially the mangrove ecosystem, and had fun doing it. After an experience like this you realize how fragile our planet is and how important our role is in maintaining all that God has given us and how we often take things for granted. I had a very good time learning from and working with my team members. Hopefully they learned a few Gustavo and me things from me as well. It’s always interesting interacting with people and learning about how they view life. So now on my way back to Holland I just want to say “Tutaonana” to Kenya and “Asante” to everyone who put up with me during these ten days, including Gustavo my roommate, who put up with my snoring, and thanks to Alcoa for providing the chance at such an experience.

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