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Tidal Forests of Kenya

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July 26, 2009: Mangrove marathon

Meet_the_mangroves Today, after another tasty swahili meal (I am enjoying the delicious food) we headed to the lab in Gazi Village where Martin and Kairo (another principle investigator from the Kenyan Marine Fisheries Research Institute, KMFRI) gave us some interesting lectures on mangrove ecosystems and fauna of the mangrove forests. After a brain overload we were ready for the ‘mangrove marathon’ where we walked through the mangroves looking at the different mangroves species and the fauna. The marathon slowly turned into the ‘mangrove slog’ as the mud became deeper – speed seemed to be one’s best friend. We had lunch at the Gazi Women’s boardwalk, which is a boardwalk through the mangroves which provides an income to the Gazi community and provides awareness about the mangrove ecology to locals and tourists. We saw previous plantations from previous Earthwatch groups and saw the impact of mangrove deforestation. After dinner we finished off with a talk by Hamisi, one of team from Gazi, previously a fisherman now working for KMFRI, about life in Gazi.

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