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Tidal Forests of Kenya

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July 28, 2009: Crab burrows and snails

Ray_bron_tim_weighing_sediment This morning started with a talk by Langat about carbon cycling which helped us get a good background for some of the work we will be doing for the Earthwatch expedition. This morning was spent at the plantation at Kinondo. A better tide enabled us to have a more productive day doing faunal surveys and biomass surveys. Faunal surveys involved counting two types of crab burrows and two types of snails. This was to investigate the repopulation of mangrove plantation with fauna as it grows. For the biomass surveys, teams had to measure the height and diameter of randomly selected trees in a 6x6 meter plot containing 121 trees. Leaves were also counted along with dead and damaged leaves. The afternoonGustavo_entering_data  was spent doing data entry and drying sediment samples. We had a talk from Amina Juma from the Gazi Women’s mangrove boadwalk, discussing the future plans for the boardwalk. After dinner we headed to Msembweni to a local pub, owned by Michael’s (one of the Kenyan students volunteering) father.
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