Bronwyn Larner’s Diary
Tidal Forests of Kenya

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July 29, 2009: Coconuts for lunch

Volunteers_with_gazi_students Today we headed back to Kinondo to finish off the faunal surveys. As the spring tide was retreating the sediment was drying out so we had to finish the faunal surveys otherwise the crabs would close their burrows making them impossible to count. Our break during the day consisted of fresh cocoanut milk and flesh picked by our KenyanLecture_on_kenyan_medical_system  mangrove colleagues. We had finished by early afternoon and after lunch, more data entry. Prior to dinner we had a talk from Bernard Kirui (from KMFRI) about the concept of payment for the protection of ecosystem services. This is a potential initialtive to promote conservation and regeneration of mangrove forests and also serve as an income to the Gazi community.

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