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Tidal Forests of Kenya

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July 30, 2009: Getting to work

Today we worked on some other research taking place in Gazi Bay led by Bernard Kirui. He is mapping mangroves of Gazi and will eventually expand this to the whole of the Kenyan coastline. Satellite images have been collected indicating areas of different vegetation. Our job today was to search for particular mangrove stands and set out 10 x 10 meter plots and then survey all the mangroves within the plot. This ground truthing exercise, aided with a Global Positioning System (GPS), could then be used to check the accuracy of the satellite image. A muddy day was had by all and some of the plots were hard work especially with over 100 mature mangroves present. After lunch the team split into a group for data entry and a group continuing ground truthing. We had an interesting talk from Mrs Chao Hannah about the Kenyan education system. It was an eye opener, especially coming from Australia, where education is relatively affordable for all social classes. Statistics for enrolments were 84% primary, 25% secondary and only 2% of Kenyan students continue on to further education. After dinner we had talks from Robert (one of the Kenyan Earthwatch volunteers) about life at a Kenyan University and from Gustavo about the life and times of Gustavo Maranes.

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