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Tidal Forests of Kenya

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July 31: A bit of R&R

Elephant When you work as hard as we have been, you deserve a day off. So for a bit of R & R we were up at 5:30 am and headed to Shimba Hills National Reserve inland from Diani Beach, 40 km down the road. In the reserve we found a number of animals including elephants, giraffe, warthogs and all number of antelopes and buffalo. After picking up a ranger to help keep us on the right track we set off on a 2km walk down a steep path to a spectacular waterfall. On the return walk to our van the steady trip up the hill was still quite enjoyable even in the hot Kenyan sun. After spending several hours exploring the park we retreated to the coast and the white sands and blue waters of Diani Beach. We all enjoyed a relaxing lunch and drink by the Indian Ocean and even treated out Kenyan Earthwatch volunteers from Gazi to their first experience of the western culinary delight of pizza. After sunset weWaterfall  made our way back to Gazi, for dinner. After dinner and washing up we checked out the local cinema, which consisted of a TV and DVD player in a small room. After insisting that we did not need to sit in the front row (which was already occupied), we settled in to watch a Tanzanian movie in Kiswahili. After about 5 minutes, the movie was turned off and replaced with the Nigerian movie “My Sin” as it had English subtitles. We told them not to change it on our behalf, but the audience had discussed and agreed (unbeknown to us) to change it as it was one of the village favourites. After a big day, bed was well received.

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