Bronwyn Larner’s Diary
Tidal Forests of Kenya

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August 1, 2009: Counting spiders and moths

Sample We headed back to Kinondo to finish the faunal counts on two remaining plots. Some of the group worked on biomass and the remaining few (including me) began a faunal count on other fauna not included in the initial faunal count of snails and crabs. We worked through each 6 x 6 meter plot counting all spiders, flies, moths, other insects and insect nests. This proved more difficult than it sounded, as flies and moths have the tendency to move. We were often wondering "Is that two moths, or just the same one?" The afternoon was spent entering data and sieving soil samples that were collected three days ago. After dinner we headed to some of the local hotspots at Diani Beach and ending up at Ukunda listening to some traditional music of the area.

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