Bronwyn Larner’s Diary
Tidal Forests of Kenya

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August 3, 2009: Ground truthing

Today was spent doing more ground truthing for the satellite imaging. We measured more 10x10 meter plots, counting and measuring all mature and juvenile mangroves. For lunch we had a traditional African meal hosted by the women of Gazi in the ruins of the former Sultan of Zanzibar, which was also a housing point for slave trading in the area in the early 19th century. More data entry after lunch and some talks by Ray and Tim about themselves and their respective regions of the world. Dinner was quite a treat as were were split into small groups and were fortunate enough to eat at a Gazi resident’s private home. This was quite a highlight as not only was the food great but the chance to chat (with the help of one of our Kenyan Earthwatch volunteers acting as translator) about life in Gazi and Australia and the contrasts between them.

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