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Tidal Forests of Kenya

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August 3, 2009: An epic job, a bit of footy, and goodbye

Soccer Today was our final day in the field. We had to finish counting other fauna in the remaining 6x6 meter plots. This was quickly finished by three groups and the next task was to plant three plots of 144 mangrove trees. The seedlings we planted were approximately 12 months old and in a greenhouse in the intertidal zone, allowing the mangrove seedlings to get the right amount of inundation by sea water. It was an epic job for the team of 15: some to dig, some to remove the plastic bags from around the seedlings and the rest to actually plant the new mangroves and backfill the holes. Quite a satisfying way to finish off our field work and leave our very own little bit of mangrove forest of over 400 trees. Lunch today was to be our last at Gazi which was a feast of mangrove mud crabs, just like we have in parts of Australia. After lunch we had a footy match against the local junior team, where we lost 3 – 1. I am unsure whether our game was hindered or helped by the coconut trees in the middle of the pitch. We were quite pleased with our performance despite spending most of the match defending. It was a great afternoon. After dinner we headed down the beach for a bonfire and some Kenyan cane spirit. After a great 10 days I can’t believe we are leaving tomorrow.
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Wow Bronwyn, it does seem like no time at all since you left to go on the Earthwatch expedition. It sounds as though you've done some good things there helping with the research but also learned a lot about Kenya and mangroves. Back to reality for you in just 5 days time!

Greg Peterson | Posted Wed 05 Aug 2009 7:28AM

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