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Climate Change, Canopies and Wildlife in the Ecuadorian Andes

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December 19, 2008: The Dream Begins

Before my Christmas holiday I got an email about the Earthwatch Fellowship program, and I decided I would apply for it. It was an easy decision, because I already had some information about this opportunity. Over the last 3 years, since I began working for Alcoa, three of my colleagues have been selected for this program. From them, I learned a lot about the activities and purpose of the Earthwatch organization. The values of Earthwatch and the enthusiasm of my colleagues, conviced me that being an Alcoa Earthwatch Fellow would be one of the greatest experiences of my life. Through the project, I could become personally involved in issues that are important for me and for everybody who cares about environmental protection and our sustainable future.

Five different projects are avaible in the coming year. Each of them deals with important questions and provides an excellent opportunity to help and to be part of a project that could change our future and add real value to environmental protection.
But to tell the truth, my dream is going to South America to the rainforests and encounter the wonderful wildlife. So, the dream is beginning.

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