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September 23, 2009: Finally there.

IMGP1532  Hooray! After an adventurous journey I have just arrived in Quito. Unfortunately I lost two days because in Madrid my plane was cancelled due to engine problems. We all were sitting patiently at the airport till 5am, when a flight assistant came up to us and told us to follow her to the buses because we would be spending the night in a hotel. My hotel room was nicely furnished and comfortable but I could hardly manage to sleep. In the morning I went to the restaurant of the hotel where we got delicious breakfast and after some cups of coffee I felt better and had a conversation with my fellow travelers. I phoned my family up and tried to reassure them that problems with the engine of a plane happened sometimes. I sounded convincing but to tell the truth I was a bit nervous about the 13-hour flight above the Atlantic ocean. Fortunately a kind couple from Romania joined me and we went back to the airport together. We were told that our plane went to Guayaquil not to Quito. Thank goodness the flight was smooth and pleasant. In IMGP1354  Guayaquil I had to spend one more night in a hotel, then took another plane to Quito. But now I am sitting in my cozy hotel room. I have jet lag so I can't sleep, though I am tired. There is 7 hours difference between the time zones of Hungary and Ecuador. Despite my tiredness I am full of joy and happiness. I have already met my new travel mates, Molly and Denis. They both have been really kind and we've planned to visit the city together. The name of my hotel is Posada del Maple and it is really colorful. The walls, the furniture and the whole hotel have vivid colours that make the atmosphere freindly and lively. In Europe we are not used to such bright and fresh colours but I find it amazing. So my very first impressions of Ecuador are really good. I am looking forward to seeing the capital city tomorrow. Good night:)

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