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Climate Change, Canopies and Wildlife in the Ecuadorian Andes

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September 24, 2009: Beautiful Quito

IMGP1454  It is 7:00 pm and I am sitting in my hotel room again. I have not slept much lately and it is hard to get used to the local time zone, but I am not complaining, because we had a lovely day together. This morning new group members joined us: Anna from Canada and Tony from the Netherlands. We started our tour visiting a place called TeleferiQo located on Cruz Loma, one of the hills which surrounding the active volcano Pichincha. (15,000 feet above sea level). Cable cars carried the tourist to the peak and there was a breathtaking view beneath us, enchanting moorlands and fascinating vegetation of the Andean Highlands. We took many photos and we were amazed by the view. Standing on the top of the hill was wonderful. We were lucky as the weather was clear and sunny. There was a lovely restaurant next to the cable car station that overlooked the whole city of Quito and we could see the other volcanoes and rugged hills in the distance. Then we continued our sightseeing in the old city centre where, to my greatest surprise, I found a statue of one of the greatest Hungarian freedom-fighters and poets, Sandor Petofi. I was so proud that the hero of our small IMGP1510  country had a statue on the other side of the planet. I took a photo of him. We just wandered around the streets looking at the colourful houses and soaked up the atmosphere of the vibrant city. Quito was so different from any European city and we all found it exotic and exciting. We found a nice restaurant and we had lunch there. We tried the local specialities which were a bit spicy for my liking but they were really tasty. Since we were walking all day long after having dinner we all got sleepy but we enjoyed our first day in Ecuador. I am going to read a bit before sleeping. Tomorrow we are off to the rainforest. I can't wait! Good night:)

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