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Mammals of Nova Scotia

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July 5, 2009: Msit No´kmaq

Kejimkujik Msit No´kmaq is an expression in the native Canadian Mi´kmaq language. The phrase describes many aspects of the Mi´kmaq life and spirituality, reflecting the strong bond between people and land. Today, we have spent the day at the Kejimkujik National Park where Mi´kmak style of life is engraved on rock outcrops along the lakeshores. The hundreds of drawings found there show the richness of expression of Mi´kmak culture. Descendants of the early Mi´kmak are proud of this part of their history and consider Kejimkujik one of their most sacred sites. In recognition, the Yolanda_Paul_and_friend area has been designated as a National History Site. In our trip today, we did a tour around the lakeshores looking for Mi´kmak drawings. Furthermore, we searched for deer droppings in the forest and hiked along a nature trial. I hope our experience will develop strong bonds as well between the team and the wildlife.

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Yolanda Barba Gutiérrez, casthouse process engineer Avilés smelter, Spain