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Mammals of Nova Scotia

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July 6, 2009: Return to Cook's Lake

Cooks_lake After the weekend, we returned to the work at Cook´s Lake. Today, we checked a big area inside Cook´s Lake, looking inside the field transects for scat (deer, porcupine, fox, coyote, etc.), footprints and chewed trees (beavers and porcupines). It was Home_for_dinner exhausting because so many mosquitoes and ticks were biting us. Later, when we went to lay the traps in the forest on the hill, the team found a wasp nest and some members were stung. Finally, we examined several skulls of raccoon, seals and porcupine at home after having a nice dinner.

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Yolanda Barba Gutiérrez, casthouse process engineer Avilés smelter, Spain