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June 23, 2009: Earthwatch, Alcoa and people

Aviles_world_environmental_day Four days to go........and counting!!! In my second post I would first like to thank Alcoa and Earthwatch for the chance to participate in this research project. For sure, it will be an unforgettable experience. Alcoa's many environmental initiatives are an important part of Alcoa's sustainability values, and the Alcoa Earthwatch Fellowship program is an unquestionable sign of that commitment. 
I also to want to thank my Alcoa Community Team in Alcoa-Inespal (Vanesa, Pilar, Virginia, Paula, Alejandro, Marqués, Juanjo), and recognize their hard work to achieve a more sustainable environment and other important Alcoa values. I am so proud to belong to this team. We have carried out many Action, Vida and Bravo Plans with other Alcoa volunteers in order to improve environmental conditions in our community in Asturias (Spain). I hope to learn much in this expedition that we can put into practice in new Alcoa Community projects.

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Yolanda Barba Gutiérrez, casthouse process engineer Avilés smelter, Spain